In October 2016, O’ Mystical East and West provides a prologue to the online research project D’EST: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former “East” and “West,” initiated by Ulrike Gerhardt and produced by Xandra Popescu on behalf of Atelier 35, Romania. Beginning in 2017, a curated online platform that reflects the post-socialist transformation from the perspective of the former “East” and “West” will be developed. Following the model of contemporary online video databanks, D’EST Prologue is the first http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-anxiety/ step in establishing an online platform in which European curators and cultural producers introduce contemporary video art that thematizes the period of transformation in the 1990s. It will be available as a research tool and informational resource for art lovers, institutional and independent cultural producers, historians, journalists, and critics. A particular focus lies on the mapping of female and collective positions, as well as on additional screening events with guest lecturers in Europe and beyond.